The 6 best HGH brands for anti-ageing (they will keep you young)

Looking for the best HGH to keep you young and prevent ageing?

HGH will certainly do this but which are the best types just for use as an anti ageing agent?

You need HGH just for preventing the signs of ageing. You don’t really want it for building muscle so we run through the best HGH brands that will keep you young!

We’ve researched what aspects of HGH are important to bring back youthfulness and will introduce you to the best HGH for use as an anti-ageing agent.


BrandPurityCostEase of useDetails
Pfizer Genotropin Go Quick HGH Pen99%$6-12 per IUVery EasyCheck Price
Lilly Humatrope pen99%$6-12 per IUEasyCheck Price
Merck Saizen HGH pens99%$6-12 per IUEasyCheck Price
Biotropin 97%$3-5 per IURequires mixingCheck Price
Jintropin97%$2-5 per IURequires mixingCheck Price
Hygetropin95%$2-4 per IURequires mixingCheck Price

These women are the same age, guess which ones use HGH

You don’t have to look older than you really are. All these women on the left are the same age. One of the easiest things you can do to reverse and slow the ageing process is to use HGH for anti-ageing. 

HGH gradually declines in our bodies once we get past age 20. This can cause muscle loss, fat gain and osteoporosis.

HGH can also rejuvenate skin, making it thicker and reduce wrinkles. 

Best HGH For Anti Ageing-Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite HGH’s that are best for keeping you young and even reversing the ageing process.

Pfizer Genotropin Go-QuickEditors Choice
Humatrope HGH pen

First, let’s take a look at what aspects you will want to consider when looking for a HGH that can produce significant anti-ageing.

This is where HGH pen design, ease of use, whether its already mixed or not, price, availability of needle tips, shelf life and purity factor in to your choice of an HGH brand. 

The Importance of HGH Pen Design

When it comes to ease of use the design of the HGH pen is a big factor. Some pens require a cartridge to be inserted whilst others contain the HGH and solvent already in the pen but in separate compartments.


These are the two most common designs of HGH pen. Obviously the pen that has the HGH already loaded into it is going to be easier and more convenient to use. Just pop it into your handbag and take it with you. 


There is a another design of HGH pen which has the HGH already in solution, ie already mixed. But because the HGH has been mixed this means it has a shorter shelf life. Gen-tropin Aqx is a good example of this. The Aqx denotes that it is aqueous and so already mixed. These pens are pretty good if you are using them within 6 weeks because of the shelf life.

Choosing HGH Pen or Powder

Both HGH powders and pens offer pluses and minuses. Pens provide convenience and ease of use great purity and quality. HGH powders on the other hand are generally much cheaper for a relatively small inconvenience of having to mix the powders yourself.

When speed and accuracy  are more important to you than price then a HGH pen will be your best option. They are discrete and easy to use. . In most other cases a good quality HGH powder will be preferable.

What needles to use

Whether or not you decide to use HGH pens or powders for anti-ageing you will have to source your needles. 

Most people are not aware that HGH pens also require fresh needle tips for each injection and they do not usually come with the pen. Most HGH take the same size needle tips and you can buy them off Ebay or other places.

With HGH powders you will need the complete syringe. An insulin syringe is the best to use as HGH like insulin is also a protein. The needles are very small and painless to use unlike injecting steroids.

Novofine needle tips can be used with most HGH pens. A fresh needle tip is required for each injection and are easy to use

Sterile water or bacteriostatic water for HGH?

Nearly all the HGH you buy for anti-ageing will have to be mixed. All of the HGH pens we have mentioned have the solvent for mixing the HGH contained already in the pen. So you do not have a choice to make here.

If you are buying HGH powders you will have the choice to use either sterile water to mix the powder or bacteriostatic water. If you have the choice we always recommend bacteriostatic water as it contains benzyl alcohol which prevents the growth of any micro-organisms. 

If you decide to use sterile water you must use all the water in the vial at one go. This is because once you have opened the seal the water is no longer sterile. Bacteriostatic water comes in larger vials (as seen below) as it can be used multiple times.


Bacteriostatic water is preffered over sterile water as it contains benzyl alcohol which will prevent the growth of any micro-organisms

Chinese and Western HGH

Western HGH is often a better option because of the safety regulations in place regarding its manufacture. Most people will pay a premium for this peace of mind when buying HGH for use as an anti ageing agent. 

Chinese HGH has come a long way since its inception. There are now a number of high quality HGH brands coming out of China. Although Chinese brands are known to be more susceptible to faking. Body builders tend to use Chinese HGH as its cheaper.

HGH dosage for anti-ageing

The amount of HGH needed for anti-ageing purposes is less than that used for body building. This is why a lot of people using growth hormone to reverse the ageing process will often use the more expensive HGH pens.

Only 1-2IU (International Units) of HGH per day is required for anti-ageing purposes  

Best human growth hormone for youth

1. Pfizer Genotropin Go-Quick

The Pfizer Genotropin pen is a firm favourite with everyone in the office. It contains high purity HGH. It has both the HGH powder and solvent already contained in the pen. It’s also very easy to use.

This is why we have chosen the Pfizer Genotropin Go-Quick pen as the best HGH product for anti-ageing. All you have to do to inject is screw in place a fresh needle tip, inject into a pinch of belly fat and depress the plunger.

You could do it in the back of a taxi and no one would even know!




  • High purity HGH which you would expect from a reputable company such as Pfizer
  • Easy to use, you can take it to work and use it in the bathroom if you need to
  • Accurately dial in the exact amount of HGH you want to inject for anti-ageing purposes.
  • HGH and water already contained in the pen, no mixing required just prime the pen before use
  • The pens are always slightly overfilled and there is always a little bit of HGH left in the pen which you cannot use. It just sits there looking at you safely out of reach. Very frustrating.

2. Lilly Humatrope Pen

Humatrope is another great HGH product manufactured by Eli Lilly. It uses the patented Humatropen to inject the medicine. 

The HGH must be first mixed into a special device and then the primed cartridge is loaded into the humatropen injecting device.

The only reason humatrope doesn’t come top of the list is that you need a separate mixing device to mix the cartridge before it is placed in the pen.



  • Better than 99% purity. If this HGH doesn’t roll back the years nothing will
  • The larger 72iu pen size means that you can get more bangs for your bucks
  • Can diall in the exact amount of HGH you want to inject
  • The only drawback with humatrope HGH is that you need both a mixing device and and injecting device

3. Merck Saizen HGH pens

Coming in at number 3 in our list is Saizen HGH from Merck. It’s also better than 99% purity and its regulated by the European authorities which ensures safety.

Saizen is the brand name for the HGH which Merck Serono produce. They produce a variety of pens and the Saizen Click easy is another favourite for keeping young.

Like Humatrope the Click Easy also needs its own separate mixing device. The mixed cartridge is then loaded into the injection pen.



  • Particularly good for rejuvenating skin, often used in hospitals to treat burns victims
  • Excellent purity 
  • Low on contaminants due to the Merck manufacturing process
  • Needs its own separate mixing device. The cartridge must then be loaded into the pen. A bit inconvenient.

4. Biotropin HGH powder

Biotropin is the first of our HGH powders to make it onto the anti-ageing list. This excellent HGH powder is made by Life-Tech labs who make it in three different sized kits.

The sizes are 60iu, 100iu and 120iu and are named Wellness, Fitness and performance. 

Biotropin is full 191 amino acid somatropin. This means it contains exactly the same product as the HGH pens we have already reviewed and rated. The only drawback with the powders is that you have to mix them manually and use a syringe to inject but the savings can be huge.



  • High Purity HGH powder
  • Full 191 amino acid Somatropin
  • Can be used for anti ageing or bodybuilding
  • Cheaper than HGH pens
  • Needs mixing manually
  • Requires a syringe
  • requires bacteriostatic water as the mixing agent

5. Jintropin HGH powder

Jintropin is an excellent powdered HGH product which can be used either for looking younger and fitter, or body building.

This is a high purity somatropin packaged usually in 10x1iu vials. Water also comes with the kit which means you don’t have to source it separately.

Whilst it does not have the convenience of the HGH pens it more than makes up for this in terms of cost. Jintropin, as with all powdered HGH’s is much cheaper than the pens. Whilst anti-agers use less HGH than a bodybuilder would cost is still a consideration.

jintropin young



  • Good brand reputation
  • Water is included with the kits which means you don’t have to source it separately
  • Cost is less than that of HGH pens
  • Can be used for anti-ageing and bodybuilding
  • Needs to be mixed with water and injected with a syringe

6. Hygetropin HGH powder

Coming in last but certainly not least is another HGH powder Hygetropin.

We would have put this powder higher in the list if it didn’t have so many problems with fake products popping up all over the web. However you can verify your box here.

Hygetropin purity usually ranges from 95-97%. It is manufactured in China and often distributed from Hong Kong. Can be used for bodybuilding, anti-ageing, fat burning and increasing bone mass. 



  • Can be verified as genuine on the official site
  • Reasonable purity for the price
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Can be stored for longer without degradation
  • Prone to faking
  • Needs to be mixed manually
  • Purity is not as good as other powders but still better than most

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